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“Once upon a time in the water…”


Salty Drop crew is the liquid result of random meetings under unspecified currents and glassy conditions that took place in the sea or nearby. Our connection? This feeling you have when you return to the lineup after you ‘ve ridden a great wave. Or when you see these glassy waves breaking while you drive through that last turn before you reach your favorite spot. Or after your first good wipeout when you think it’s equal to a good ride. Not to mention the moment you get your new surfboard or even when you draw one! As surfers we like simplicity in a creative way, so we named this feeling “Surfness” and generated Salty Drop to spread "Surfness" around the world.


Salty Drop is a surf company based in two islands, Bali & Crete. Salty Drop specializes in handshaped and handmade surfboards born in Bali. Each piece is unique, handpainted and can be custom-made. Apparel and accessories are offered in a big collection too.

Tie up the surfboards. We are ready…


If you don’t go, you don’t know.

Salty Drop Crew